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An apostrophe is used to indicate either possession or  missing letters.

Examples - Mary's book; the couple's car;  it wasn't fair; they've lost their way



An apostrophe is not used to indicate plurals.

So, it is bananas NOT banana's


When packing to go on holiday, put all your clothes on a spare bed. Then put half of them back in the wardrobe/drawers. Leave the rest for 48 hours.  Then go back to them, put another half away - and pack the rest in your suitcase!  I bet you will still come home with some unworn clothes.


Don't rely on friends and family to do your proofreading - if your document is worth producing it is worth getting it right. And that is why people train to read your documents to make sure they are!


When you have finished writing an article/report/newsletter or whatever, put it to one side until the next day, then read it again. If you are still happy with it and can see no errors, it is ready for proofreading by someone other than yourself.


Seek budgeting advice earlier rather than later. If you wait until you have a mountain of debt you may feel you are helpless and will never sort it. Hit it early and you will be able to tackle it. The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services (NZFFBS) has an excellent website with useful information to help you take control of your money. NZFFBS will also put you in touch with the budgeting service nearest to you. The website is


Decide carefully on your choice of holiday, especially if you are touring abroad. Do you want a "gobble and go" experience (eg Europe in a week) or do you want to immerse yourself in the culture of one or two places? Holidays are expensive in time and money, so you don't want to waste either.


Risk assessment is about more than just financial and insurable risks. What if an employee brought bad publicity to the company? What if the Managing Director died unexpectedly?  Any size business should have a risk assessment done before disaster strikes - it may be too late after.


When selecting someone to chair a strategic planning meeting, it is essential to choose someone who is well-organised, able to keep to time, unflappable and diplomatic. The wrong person will lessen the value of the day

TIP 10

Keep a "grab and go" bag in the car and the office as well as at home - you don't know where you will be when disaster strikes.




















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